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For a brighter smile

A white shining smile and bright teeth are getting more and more important. Who wouldn´t like to have a “Hollywood-star”-like smile! There are a lot of bleaching acessories availible to the public today, mostly expensive and ineffective. Stains can have many causes like smoking, food, inheritage and medical factors.


Special bleaching Material for your home-treatment. Duration 1-2 or more weeks for one or more hours a day.


Laser supported chair-side-bleaching is the most effectivetreatment. The laser-activated chemicals can penetrate deeper and remove stains better and in one appointment only.

Digital X-Ray

The latest technology is available at Dentex Flex Sector 1 Dental Clinic

Computer aided X-ray reduces the radiation up to 90%, avoids developing-chemicals and offers a quick data access.

Dental Implant at Dentex Flex Clinic

Artificial roots for your teeth

Dental implants are bone-incorporated artificial roots able to hold dentures in place or to replace missing teeth. The material is mostly Titan used in medical surgery.

Newest methods include Bone-growth-proteins and concentratedbloodcomponents to enhance the healing procedure.

Laser treatment at the Dentex Flex Dental Clinic

High-tech in dental medicine

A great enhancement in dental-therapy, surgery and periodontology. Advantages are less bleeding, less swelling, less pain and better healing. Germ-reduced working in hard to reachareas like root-channels and gingival pockets.

Crowns – to preserve your teeth

Dantura cu carii avansate sau plombe mari poate fi restaurata cu ajutorul coroanelor.

Teeth with advanced decay or larger fillings can be restored with crowns. They help to correct, protect and keep your teeth even longer, even dentures may fit even better when crowns are used to keep them in place.

Crowns or partial crowns can be made of gold , gold/ceramic combination, gold with composite and completly in ceramic to fit your demand.

The advantage of ceramic or gold with ceramic crowns is a more natural esthetic look to avoid a “golde smile”

Composite – Fillings

Special fillings for smaller cavities in toothlike colors to preserve more substance of your teeth. Hardened by intensive light and multi-layered, these fillings take a little more time and expense to make.


CEREC – the Edge in ceramic-fillings in one appointment The newest alternative to gold, composite, or ceramic inlays is the CEREC system (ceramic restautation).

How does it work? In only one appointment the CEREC system generates an opticalimpression of the cavity and creates a special individual ceramic inlay. CAD/cam and newest Computer-technology for your convenience.

Bridges – when teeth are missing

To restore your smile, protect nearby teeth from wandering and tilting and helps you to chew correctly. Like Crowns, Bridges are made of precious metal and can be combined with ceramics to ensure a more esthetic result.

Veneers – for your Hollywood-smile

Very thin ceramic facing for front teeth to correct, brighten and improve esthetic. They are adhesively attaced to your teeth . Very little substance must be removed from your teeth so more is preserved , compared to a crown.

Individual prophylactic program

Professional cleaning, polishing and sealing of your teeth to prevent decay and gingivitis. Additional special tests and analyses to determin your personal risk of decay or periodontical disseases. The program should be repeated every 3-6 months to ensure success

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